For Women. Life. Freedom.

We write as students and alumni of Princeton University School of Architecture, and as concerned citizens of the world. As a graduate student group, Womxn in Design and Architecture is committed to defending and supporting people facing violence and oppression. We support the courageous women in Iran and Iranian women across the world who have fought and still fight for their freedom. We support our fellow students who continue to risk their lives by taking to the streets week after week in the face of threats and violence.

We recognize the ongoing protests led by women and students of Iran against the discriminatory laws of a regime that withholds freedom from its people. We mourn the death of Mahsa Amini. We mourn the dozens of protestors who have been killed, the more than one thousand people arrested, and the harm inflicted on brave citizens who fight for women, life, freedom. We are hopeful that the historic volume of resistance demonstrated around the world will put an end to the tyranny women in Iran have faced in their daily lives for more than four decades.

A concurrent fight for bodily autonomy is mirrored in the United States. While these struggles for freedom are not equivalent, they share the same spirit. What is at stake is each person’s right to govern their own body. We declare a rejection of patriarchal control and power.

We refuse to let our bodies be the canvas for patriarchal agendas: be it the hijab mandate, ongoing abortion restrictions, or legislative inequalities at-large. People cannot continue to be oppressed on the basis of gender identification. We will not be silent! 

As students and alumni of WDA, we vow to keep speaking, and to keep growing alongside fellow people and institutions that seek freedom and equality.

In Solidarity,

Womxn in Design and Architecture

Olivia Ahmadi, M. Arch ‘24
Jocelyn Beausier, M. Arch ’24
Julia Chou, M. Arch ’24
Sophia-Rose Diodati, M. Arch ’24
Sofia Domínguez, M. Arch ’24
Vanessa Gonzalez, M. Arch ’24
Laura Fegely, M. Arch ’23
Patty Hazle, M. Arch ‘23
Rinna (Fang Yi) Jiang, M. Arch ‘23
Ewa Roztocka, M. Arch ‘23
Shoshana Torn, M. Arch ‘23
Luis Fernando Muñoz, M. Arch ’21
Jieun Doe, M. Arch ’19
Sheila Lin, M. Arch ’19
Ece Yetim, M. Arch ’19
Leen Katrib, M. Arch ’18
Sharon Xu, M. Arch ’18
Eda Yetim, M. Arch ’18

Avigail Gilad, A.B. ’22
Bernardo Guerra, M. Arch ’23

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